Stillwaters Christian Retirement Community
Life Lease Communities

Life Lease Communities

Life Lease Communities

Today’s Market Value Life Lease offers seniors more than a typical condominium.

Residents are able to protect their investment and earn a return similar to the equity growth in a single family home only without the headaches and worries. The Life Lease community operates on a strictly not for profit basis and costs are budgeted to minimize the monthly fees paid by residents;

The Life Lease Advantage:

  • exclusivity
  • supportive community
  • low maintenance
  • security
  • companionship
  • stake in the community
  • increase in equity value
  • amenities plus

Market Value Life Lease communities like Stillwaters are coming to the rescue for many seeking better housing options in the second half of life.

Better locations, more amenities, access to services and developed with a true community spirit make today’s life lease community the preferred option.