Stillwaters Christian Retirement Community
About Stillwaters

About Stillwaters

Stillwaters is a Christian retirement home located on 14 acres in the heart of Norwich, Ontario.

Stillwaters provides accommodations for individuals aged 65 and older. Individuals who choose this setting are self-reliant and capable of making informed decisions regarding their personal finances, health and daily care needs.

Better Location

Located on 14 beautiful acres in close area to several reformed churches with grocery store, restaurants, gift shops and dutch store with in walking distance.

More Amenties

Residents of Stillwaters enjoy several amenities a few which include private laundry, community garden, elevator, library, puzzle room, and woodworking shop

Services Access

Nurses, cleaners, social events and more services are easily accessible in the local area, making the second half of life enjoyable and relaxing.

Community Spirit

Enjoy fellowship with likeminded people in and around the property. Stillwaters residents enjoy weekly coffee hours, puzzle room, woodworking shop, gardening and more.

Our Purpose

To provide safe and affordable housing for our aging Christian community. 

Our Vision

We are committed to provide quality accommodation so that our seniors can enjoy their climbing years in a distinctively Christian community with emphasis on a Reformed view of the Bible. 

Visit Stillwaters

Come visit us at: 8 Centre St, Norwich, ON N0J 1P0